Talent search

Using an external expert to search for talent assures that you will identify, and have access to, the most qualified executives for management or director-level positions in any sector in a fast, efficient way with the lowest time investment on the part of the company and in the framework of confidentiality.

In GSC we have the experience, methodology and knowledge of the mexican labor market which allows us:

  • To contribute to the precise definition of the profile required so that the vacant position is successfully covered considering the strategic and operational challenges our clients face, as well as their company culture.
  • To elaborate an exhaustive analysis of the objective market and develop a recruitment plan which assures the detection of the best candidates available in the shortest possible time.
  • To carry out an efficient filtering and evaluation process of the candidates to assure they comply with the defined profile and to only present those who meet those requirements.
  • To present the career-change opportunity in such a way as to generate interest on the part of the candidates and to facilitate the acceptance of the offer made by our client to the best candidate.
  • To achieve the best possible response times, even with searches which have a high degree of complexity.

During our process, we maintain continuous contact with our clients to provide them with information on the status of the search, as well as an overview of the compensation offered and the prevailing conditions in the specific market of the position.