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Copyright Warning
The works contained on the websites: gscorporativa.com, selecorp.com y selecorp.com.mx (now referred to as "website"), including, but not limited to, all designs, texts, sound and image recordings, are the property of GSC, and are protected in the United States of Mexico by the Industrial Property Law and its Regulations, as well as by international treaties, indicating they can not be copied, detached, executed, distributed (with or without compensation), licensed, altered, framed, stored for future use, or used in any way, totally or partially, without the previous consent in writing from GSC, who reserves all rights. The reuse of the editorial and graphic content of GSC on the Internet for any reason is strictly prohibited. However, permission is given to download and print material from this website for the purpose of seeing, reading and using them as a reference. Any other form of copying, distribution, re-transmission or modification of the information or material from this website, electronically or otherwise, without previous permission in writing from GSC, is strictly prohibited. The modification, alteration, transformation, etcetera, of the material contained on this page, constitutes a violation of Industrial Property rights or copyright of GSC. In addition, the use of any material contained on the present site on any other website or computer network is prohibited.

Commercial Brands Warning
The GSC logo and symbol are commercial brands of GSC. Other words or symbols which appear and are used to identify the origin of products and services could be the commercial brands of their respective owners.

Material and Content of the Website
The information on this website is for information only. We understand that said website is trustworthy, but GSC does not guarantee its integrity, topicality or accuracy. The information on the website is not a job offer or a purchase request.

The information and material contained on this website; the terms and conditions of access and use of the information herein are subject to change without prior notice.

You agree: (i) not to participate in any activity related to the website which is contrary to the current legislation or regulation, to the terms of any contract you may have with GSC, and (ii) in such case that parts of the website require an identification for the process, we agree to establish reasonable commercial procedures and controls to limit access to your password or other information which identify only those persons authorized.

GSC or their suppliers may suspend, or make changes in the information, products or services described here at any time without prior notice to you and holding no legal responsibility. All published information with dates is only valid on that date, and GSC assumes no obligation or responsibility with respect to updating or modifying such information. GSC reserves the right to terminate all or any offer or transmission without prior notice to the user. Moreover, the offering of this website, apart from information, products or services, GSC does not distribute or solicit any person to use the website or the information, products or services in jurisdictions where the website and the information, products or services are prohibited by law.

Potential Interruption of the Service
Occasionally, access to the website will not be available, or will be held up, limited or slow, due to, among others:

Failures in equipment, including, among others, the failure of computers (including yours), servers, networks, connections and lines of telecommunication, and other electronic and mechanical equipment;
Failures in computer programs, including, among others, programming errors, virus, configuration problems, system incompatibility, utility programs or applications, the application of firewalls or pre-selected programs, illegal codes or irregularities within certain documents or other contents;
Overloading of the capacity of systems;
Damage caused by weather, earthquakes, war, insurrection, revolts, civil unrest, acts of God, accidents, fire, water damage, explosions, mechanical imperfection or natural disaster;
Interruption (total or partial) of electrical power supply or other public service;
Strike or other labor stoppage (total or partial);
Government restrictions or regulations, stock exchange decisions, court verdicts or other human intervention; or
Any other reason (similar or distinct from the ones previously mentioned) that are out of the control of GSC.

Links to Other Sites
Links to websites not owned by GSC are provided only as reference about themes which could be useful, and GSC has no control over the content of these sites. If you decide to link to a website not controlled by GSC, GSC does not guarantee expressly or implicitly the content of that site, including accuracy, integrity, trustworthiness or suitability of same for any determined end; neither does GSC guarantee that such site or content is free from copyright claims, commercial brands or other type of infraction of third party rights or that said site does not contain virus or other types of "contamination". GSC does not guarantee the authenticity of documents on the Internet. Links to sites that do not belong to GSC do not imply any endorsement or responsibility with respect to the opinions, ideas, products, information or services offered on these sites, nor does it endorse any with regard to contents.

Limits of legal responsibility.
Owing to the possibility of human or mechanical error, as well as other factors, the website (including all the information and material contained on the website) is provided "as is", "as is available", therefore GSC and the suppliers of external data do not provide any guarantee or representation with respect to the website. GSC and the suppliers of external data refuse any guarantee and representation of any type with respect to the website, including all guarantees implicit in commercialization, inviolability of third party rights, the inexistence of virus or other harmful codes, or suitability for any determined end. Also, GSC will not be legally responsible for any delay, difficulty in using, incorrect information, computer virus, worm or other defect on this website, or incompatibility between this website and the files and browser of the user or other access program to the site. GSC will not be legally responsible for any other problem the user may suffer out of the control of GSC. These denials do not imply any license whatsoever for the user.

GSC and the suppliers of external data do not guarantee the accuracy, suitability or integrity of the information and the material contained on the website and expressly reject all legal responsibility for errors or omissions in the material and information. Also, GSC will not be legally responsible for any delay, difficulty in using, computer virus, worm or other defect on this website, or incompatibility between this website and the files and browser of the user or other access program to the site or for any other problem the user may suffer out of the control of GSC. These denials do not imply any license whatsoever for the user. No disposition in this document will be interpreted as a limitation or reduction of the responsibilities and obligations of GSC with respect to the clients in conforming to the applicable laws and regulations.

Under no circumstances will GSC be responsible for loss of earnings, opportunities or indirect damages, derived, incidental, special, punitive or exemplary which arises from the use or inability to use the website or any part of the same, even though GSC has been notified regarding the probability that such damages are occurring no matter the form of action, whether it be by contract, guarantee, damages and prejudices (including negligence), strict civil responsibility or other.

Applicability and Current Legislation
In such case as any of the terms or dispositions of these terms and conditions of use be considered inapplicable, the remainder of the terms and dispositions will not be voided and the inapplicable term or disposition will be replaced by an applicable term or disposition which comes the closest to the implicit intention of the inapplicable term or disposition. These terms and conditions will be subject to all other contracts that you may have signed with GSC. The user’s access and use of the website, and the terms of this exemption are controlled by the laws, regulations and norms applicable in the United States of Mexico.