Entering a new company is one of the most complex situations an executive faces in his or her professional life. It involves learning and adaptation processes and the need to take the reins quickly, on occasions with little structural support, while being under the scrutiny of different onlookers with whom it is important to rapidly establish relationships. The effectiveness of such transitions contributes to the success or failure of the new position.

According to serious studies on the subject, between 35% y 50% of executives who take new positions fail or leave the organization before 18 months have passed.

Our Onboarding program allows for a significant increase in the probability of success of the new executive through the application of a proven methodology which:

  • Avoids that the executive makes the most common mistakes during the first days in the position.
  • Significantly shortens the adaptation period.
  • Allows for faster production of the results desired from the position.

With this, our client obtains a rapid return on the investment made in hiring the new executive and significantly reduces the negative implications of having to make a new hire or to continue operating with a key position vacant.

This program offers the participation of an expert consultant in the methodology who guides the executive through his or her first months in the company, with the level of involvement that our client and the executive define according to the function of the position, the characteristics and culture of the company and the type of internal support being offered.

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