Evaluation of competencies and potential

Having objective, precise and trustworthy information about the characteristics of personality, abilities, work skills, interests, values and development potential of its personnel allows a company to know what human capital it has and make sound decisions regarding hiring, changes, promotions, and development plans.

In GSC we have the experience and tools to carry out rigorous and focused evaluations regarding the specific aspects our client wishes to know with regards to its personnel or candidates to occupy a position. Our methodology allows for an integrated approach which applies diverse evaluation resources in such a way as to assure the desired information is obtained:

  • Psychometric evaluation tools,
  • 360° Evaluation,
  • Competency Interviews,
  • Assessment Center.

Our methodology comprises carrying out a detailed analysis of the information provided by the tools applied by different specialists in their use to assure a correct diagnosis and the results of the evaluation are presented in clear and concrete reports.

When our client so decides, we participate in the feedback process with the evaluated candidates with respect to their results.